Opera iO is the musical odyssey of a mysterious intranaut

 voyaging the virtual worlds of her own being and imagination.

World Premiere 2015

* Promo Highlights (in the Works!)





“An eclectic dimension of magic & beauty in a universal drama.”

“From the heart of the world with something for everyone. “

A Timeless Vision

iO costume

Fantasy Couture

iO’s ‘Undersuit’ is hand-woven with natural fibers.  – Designer: Lía Padilla

Concept: Organic spacesuit with high neck, shoulder pads, knee pads and lace… Features elements illustrating metaphysical energy centers.

Symbolic Expression


Conceptual Design

“Opera iO is inhabited by a cast of fantastic characters. The wardrobes & make-up are elaborate and imaginative, full of symbolic references.”

– Lead Costume Designer

Lía Padilla


Opera iO is a timeless journey blending world music with dance, theater, circus, art & interactive media in a fantastic experience.

Bright Talent


‘Twin Shadows – Phobo & Deimo’

Nadinka Flores & Cristina Duque


‘Soul Twins – Yin & Yan’

Gabriela Minda & Iván Castañeda


Laura Corral

as ‘iO, the intranaut’



Tamia Guayasamín



Lía Padilla


Amanda Mideros &

María Emilia Escudero

By way of dance-theater, iO navigates her destiny

through inspiring themes and fabulous perilous characters.

“The changing dynamics between characters is a driving force in the dramatic narrative of Opera iO.”

– Lead Choreographer

Tamia Guayasamín


True Inspiration

The fusion style soundtrack was conceived and produced for an immersive live performance and surround sound experience.


Cayo Iturralde


Carlos Arboleda

mauricio vicencio WEB

Mauricio Vicencio

pablo vicencio WEB

Pablo Vicencio

Gran Misterio (sample)

by Opera iO | with arrangements by Carlos Arboleda & Caspian Es

“One music that unites all the elements of life…  That is Opera iO.”

– Multi-Instrumentalist / Co-Arranger

Mauricio Vicencio


‘QUIJOTES OF iO’ – A Creative Vision in the Making’ (Duration: 4:40 / Versión Español / *Subtitles)

The original recordings feature over 40 virtuous Latin American musicians with more than 50 instruments from around the world.

Strange Wonder

Opera iO is a reinvention of the opera with a world groove.

 A thoroughly entertaining & even enlightening creative spectacle.


“For Opera iO, we developed characters representing humans like caged birds… a clan of deformed beings with beaks and fins … creatures of the machine.”

– Featured Visual Artist


High Thrills

“Opera iO is also a musical metaphor of the spirits descent into a universe of duality, through the labyrinth of the mind, and ultimately back to the center of the Self.”

– Director / Producer / Composer

Caspian Es


Get ready for an impressive visual voyage with the creative imaginations of over 20 featured Latin-American mixed-media artists…

'iO' by featured photographer Christoph Hirtz
'iO' by featured artist Jaime Zapata

“The myth is now.”

– Featured Visual Artist

Jaime Zapata

World Premiere - 2015

Special Thanks

Our Collaborators

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Donald Wolfram

Liliana Gutiérrez

Patrick Handley

Fernando Rivera

Photo Credits: Jose Bruzual, Pedro Andrés Sanchéz & Christoph Hirtz  /  Web Design: Boris Proaño  / Opera iO  Logo: Alvaro Andrade